Fall 2018 Schedule, Final
Ling 1/ Languages of the World/ MWF/ 11-11:50p/ SSL 290/ Arunima Choudhury
Ling 2/ Discover Language/ MWF/ 1-1:50/ SSL 290/ Arunima Choudhury
Ling 3/ Intro to Linguistics/ M/ 7-9:50p/ SSH 100/ Benjamin Mis
Ling 10/ Intro to Phonology/ ThTh/ 3:30-4:50p/ SST 120/ Bernard Tranel
Ling 51/ Acquisition of Language/ MWF/ 2-2:50p/ HSLH 100A/ Lisa Pearl
Ling 142/ Intro to Logic/ MWF/ 10-10:50a/ SSL 171/ Jeffrey Schatz
Ling 145A/ Elementary Set Theory/TuTh/ 8-9:20a/ SSL 206/ Toby Meadows
Ling 159/ Language Processing/ TuTh/ 12:30-1:50p/ SST 442/ Richard Futrell
Ling 164A/ Romance Linguistics/ MWF/ 12-12:50p/ SSL 155/ Tri Tran
Ling 181A: Jump Start I/W/7-8p/ SSL 228/ Virginia Mann
Ling 181D: Jump Start II/W/7-8p/ SSL 228/ Virginia Mann 
Ling 181G: Jump Start III/W/7-8p/ SSL 228/ Virginia Mann
Ling 195A: Language Science Research I/ TBA/ Lisa Pearl
Winter 2019, Schedule Final
Ling 3: Intro to Linguistics/ MWF/ 1-1:50p/ SSH 100/ Richard Futrell
Ling 20: Intro to Syntax/MWF/ 12-12:50p/ HICF 100K/ Arunima Choudhury
Ling 43: Intro to Symbolic Logic/ MWF/ 12-12:50p/ PCB 1100/ Sam Eklund
Ling 68: Language & Culture/ TuTh/ 9:30-10:50a/ SSH 100/ J. Richland
Ling 111: Intermediate Phonology/TuTh/ 3:30-4:50p/ SSPB 5206/ Bernard Tranel
Ling 143: Intro to Formal Semantics/TuTh/ 9:30-10:50a/ SSPB 2214/ Ede Zimmermann
Ling 145B: Metalogic/ TuTh/ 12:30-1:50p/ SSL 171/ Kai Wehmeier
Ling 155: Psychology of Language/TuTh/ 2-3:20p/ HH 178/ Greg Scontras
Ling 169: Japanese Sociolinguistics/TuTh/11-12:20p/ HH 105/ Hidemi Riggs
Ling 181B: Jump Start I/W/7-8p/ SSL 228/ Virginia Mann
Ling 181E: Jump Start II/W/7-8p/ SSL 122/ Virginia Mann 
Ling 181H: Jump Start III/W/7-8p/ SSL 228/ Virginia Mann
Ling 182V: Language and Literacy (X-listed with EDUC 151 / PSB 192V)/MWF/ 4-4:50p/ MPAA 320/ Brandy Gatlin
Ling 189: Forensic Phonetics/ MWF/ 1-1:50p/ SST 122/ Arunima Choudhury
Ling 189/Psych 159: Writing Skills for Language Science/MWF/ 2-2:50p/ SST 122/ Lisa Pearl
Ling 195B: Language Science Research II/TBA/ Lisa Pearl
Spring 2019, Schedule TBA
Ling 2: Discovering Language /Arunima Choudhury
Ling 3: Intro to Linguistics/ Ben Mis
Ling 51B: Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism/ Julio Torres
Ling 107M: Computational Methods for Language Research/ Greg Scontras
Ling 109: Linguistic Data Science/ Richard Futrell
Ling 115: Intro to Phonetics/ Tri Tran
Ling 119: Special Topics in Phonology/ Bernard Tranel
Ling 121: Intermediate Syntax/ Arunima Choudhury
Ling 164B: French Phonetics/ Bernard Tranel
Ling 169: Structure of Japanese/ Hidemi Riggs
Ling 181C, F, I: Jump Start / W/ 8-9:50p/ SSL 270/ Virginia Mann
Ling 181F: Jump Start II/ W/ 7-8p/ SSL 122/ Virginia Mann 
Ling 181I: Jump Start III/W/7-8p/ SSL 228/ Virginia Mann
Ling 189: Presentation Skills for Language Science/ Greg Scontras
Ling 195C: Language Science Research III/ Lisa Pearl
Prior Year Course Schedules



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