Please join the language science community at UC Irvine for the tenth California Universities Semantics and Pragmatics Workshop. CUSP 10 will be held on October 21 & 22, 2017. Founded in 2008, CUSP serves as an informal venue for the semantics/pragmatics community of California.


9:30–10:00  COFFEE & WELCOME
10:00–10:30  DEBORAH WONG (UCLA), Scope-taking determiners and continuations
10:30–11:00  ERIK HANS MAIER (BERKELEY), Quantifier unification: Bipartite universal quantification in Tswefap
11:00–11:30  BREAK
11:30–12:00  CIYANG QING (STANFORD), Unifying three Mandarin dou constructions
12:00–12:30  HITOMI HIRAYAMA (UCSC), A QUD-based analysis of Japanese contrastive wa
12:30–2:00  LUNCH
2:00–2:30  LELIA GLASS (STANFORD), Causative lexical semantics predicts distributivity potential: A ratings study
2:30–3:00  GUILLERMO DEL PINAL (ZAS) & BRANDON WALDON (STANFORD), Must is weak, might is strong: (More) experimental evidence
3:00–3:30  BREAK
3:30–4:00  DENIZ RUDIN (UCSC), Rising imperatives
4:00–4:30  RICHARD STOCKWELL (UCLA), Ellipsis isn’t trivial
4:30–5:00  MAURA O’LEARY (UCLA), Tense in cleft constructions
6:00–8:00  DINNER

9:00–9:30  BREAKFAST
9:30–10:00  MICHAEL HENRY TESSLER (STANFORD) & MICHAEL FRANKE (TÜBINGEN), “She’s not unhappy”: A partial solution to Krifka’s problem of negated antonyms
10:00–10:30  K.J. SAVINELLI, GREGORY SCONTRAS & LISA S. PEARL (UCI), Continuity in development of scope ambiguity resolution and the importance of numeral semantics
10:30–11:00  BREAK
11:00–11:30  RACHEL RUDOLPH (BERKELEY), Appearance reports and the acquaintance inference
11:30–12:00  TORSTEN ODLAND (UCLA), What do we learn from truth-conditional semantic explanations?
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