NOTE: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Summer School on Computational Cognitive Modeling for Language has been postponed further to Summer 2022. We are not currently accepting applications. The information below is for archival purposes. 



he Department of Language Science will host a week-long Summer School on Computational Cognitive Modeling for Language, to be held July 13-17, 2020 at UC Irvine. This summer school is for postdocs, graduate students, advanced undergraduate students, and other researchers in cognitive science, linguistics, and related fields. We will immerse students for five days in four daily tutorials:

1) Computational modeling of language acquisition using different probabilistic learning approaches, 
2) Bayesian models of pragmatic language use, 
3) Computational models of online language processing using information theory, and 
4) Modern neural-network-based machine learning as applied to natural language in the field of natural language processing (NLP).

We will teach the theory behind these approaches as well as the practicalities of applying and testing them using datasets and experiments. Students will complete conceptual and/or programming exercises in class.  

Note: We are closely monitoring the situation involving the worldwide spread of COVID-19. If there is still cause for concern in July 2020, then we plan to offer the summer school in a virtual format. 

Important Dates 

Application deadline - April 15, 2020
Application results announced - May 1, 2020
Summer School - July 13-17


All students will participate in four tutorials, led by our own faculty:

- Computational Models of Language Acquisition (Lisa Pearl)
- Probabilistic Language Understanding (Gregory Scontras)
- Information-Theoretic Models of Language Processing (Richard Futrell) 
Machine Learning Models for Natural Language Processing (Sameer Singh)

Invited Speakers

We will also have a series of evening talks and panel discussions with leaders in the field, talking about controversial questions and potential directions for the field of computational cognitive science.

Our invited speakers include:
Roger Levy (MIT Brain & Cognitive Sciences)
Noah Goodman (Stanford Psychology & Computer Science)
Allyson Ettinger (UChicago Linguistics)


The Department of Language Science will fund students' travel to and from Irvine, and will provide them with lodging in UC Irvine's campus housing for the duration of the summer school.

Application Information

The summer school is open to postdocs, graduate students, advanced undergraduate students, and other researchers in cognitive science, linguistics, and related fields. Students should have basic familiarity with computer programming in any programming language. 

The application form is available here.




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